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53 - [AskTRP] My friend's soon to be wife invites me out to drink with her

[-] DadOnDabs 119 Points 2 years ago

Go get drinks with her if she starts to get sexual put your audio recorder on and show your buddy.

44 - [AskTRP] just got told I am bed at sex? help me

[-] DadOnDabs 70 Points about a year ago

This. Follow up half way through with a "You're bed at this."

20 - [AskTRP] How do you talk to a certain girl in a group instead of the other one?

[-] DadOnDabs 52 Points about a year ago

Use the 6 to game the 8. Hit on the 6 and make the 8 jealous. Then when the 8 inevitably shit tests you you tease her to the 6.

"Does she always act like this?" - to the 6 about the 8

69 - [TheRedPill] [FR] Evening with a self-proclaimed feminist; RP affirmation

[-] DadOnDabs 49 Points 2 years ago

Smart call on not fucking that girl. I commend you on that one.

884 - [TheRedPill] Never believed treating girls like shit makes them want you, until yesterday!

[-] DadOnDabs 43 Points 2 years ago

Be careful of going overboard with this like I did. It works on club and party sluts but having this approach in day game rarely works. Try aiming for the asshole with a smile. Basically laugh and treat them like a child but don't come off as a dick. Try coming off as an adult who doesn't take their child seriously.

343 - [TheRedPill] I Have a Boyfriend.

[-] DadOnDabs 43 Points about a year ago

I do sales and I can compare it to when someone tells me they are "just looking" or "just bought last year". The average sales guy says "okay let me know if you find something you like" and let's them leave. I, on the other hand, follow up with "what kind of vehicle are you looking for? / perfect time to trade while your vehicle still has great equity!"

Same shit different concept. Move past it and continue the sale.

75 - [AskTRP] 10mins into the date, she said "we're going to be friends...i just know it"

[-] DadOnDabs 40 Points 9 months ago

Could be her friendzoning you, could be a shit test. Best reply would be a pressure flip.

"Yeah you're like a little sister, already have the annoying part down too!"

86 - [TheRedPill] Young Man's Guide to Escaltation

[-] DadOnDabs 38 Points 10 months ago

Nice post. Things I would add.

1) Your first touch can be very simple. If it's a date I always open with a hug. If I meet her at a bar I'll comment on a piece of jewelry and touch that area. So if she has a ring I'll grab her hand to inspect for a second then say "I like your ring, is it for something special?"

2) The second level touch. I like to get playful with it for the second touch before getting more intimate. This is great for social settings or if you really don't know the girl too well. I'll lightly push her out of my way or bump into her joking around. Then simply push her far away and pull her back with a hand hold or ramp it up to the kiss.

3) Third level touch is my favorite because it really gets the tingles going and it's simple. PICK HER UP. Throw her over your shoulders, cradle her in your arms, or hell if you got the strength pull a dirty dancing. They love this shit and you can immediately pull her in for the kiss when you set her down. I also like to add some emotional spikes by pretending to drop them.

I actually did drop a girl once after a heavy arms and upper body day. Just laughed my ass off, made out with her on the ground, and then went inside and fucked. Good times

19 - [AskTRP] Losing virginity tonight

[-] DadOnDabs 37 Points 2 years ago

Someone mentioned this already but sex is supposed to be awkward, funny, hot, and messy. It's not supposed to be perfect and it never will be. Once you accept that all your problems go away. PE gone, ED gone, refractory period gone. Have a bunch of sex and just get the hang of it. Let her know you're not very experienced (don't say virgin). It will put you at ease.

18 - [AskTRP] Girl I was trying to plate sees me with another girl

[-] DadOnDabs 37 Points about a year ago

I've dealt with these types before. She's at college riding the CC and wanting a stable guy back home too.

Don't take anything she says seriously. Next or meet up to hang out.

32 - [AskTRP] 6 months after getting out of a LTR and receive this text. Having some trouble deciding what to do. Any advice?

[-] DadOnDabs 36 Points about a year ago

Ignore her. Basic translation of what she said is, "I rode the cock carousel, met a Chad, he alpha widowed me, now I need a beta bucks. Come back to me!"


20 - [TheRedPill] Chick might accuse me of rape need help

[-] DadOnDabs 31 Points about a year ago

Here is what you do next time.

  • She takes your hand off her boob

Kiss her for 5 more seconds and push her off of you. Get out and go for a walk. 10 min later try to escalate again. Same thing? Do something else for 10 min then try again. Same thing? Take her ass home. 3 no's is a clear sign it's not happening tonight. Don't ever explain anything with them or try to reason with them because they don't understand it.

P.s. never apologize. It makes you look like you knew you did something wrong.

0 - [TheRedPill] Before you go no contact - read this

[-] DadOnDabs 31 Points about a year ago

This is retarded. This is scarcity mentality at its finest. There are 3 billion girls out there. If she cheats she isn't worthy of being in your presence. That is why you ghost. Not because you can get pussy. Because she s a stupid whore.

24 - [TheRedPill] FR: Getting ahead by getting out of your head

[-] DadOnDabs 29 Points 11 months ago

I'd avoid continuing to approach at the gym, one or two here or there casually isn't bad but you don't want to become "that guy".

15 - [AskTRP] Gives Only Cheek Kisses - BUT TOMORROW COMES FOR A MOVIE. What 2 Do?

[-] DadOnDabs 28 Points about a year ago

3 date rule? 1 date rule. She has 1 date to show me why she deserves a second. Doesn't have to end it sex but for damn sure not a fucking cheek kiss ????????

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