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884 - [TheRedPill] Never believed treating girls like shit makes them want you, until yesterday!

[-] DadOnDabs 43 Points about a year ago

Be careful of going overboard with this like I did. It works on club and party sluts but having this approach in day game rarely works. Try aiming for the asshole with a smile. Basically laugh and treat them like a child but don't come off as a dick. Try coming off as an adult who doesn't take their child seriously.

75 - [AskTRP] 10mins into the date, she said "we're going to be friends...i just know it"

[-] DadOnDabs 40 Points 4 months ago

Could be her friendzoning you, could be a shit test. Best reply would be a pressure flip.

"Yeah you're like a little sister, already have the annoying part down too!"

104 - [TheRedPill] Psychotic Dark Triad Twins (Field Report)

[-] DadOnDabs 18 Points about a month ago

Calm, slow, cool, but thinking about wrecking their insides.

114 - [AskTRP] What the fuck is up with horse girls.

[-] DadOnDabs 17 Points about a year ago

"Casual rider".

I'm going to start calling my plates casual riders.

104 - [TheRedPill] Psychotic Dark Triad Twins (Field Report)

[-] DadOnDabs 12 Points about a month ago

They see through game like it's glass. If you're in the fake it till you make it stage they will break you.

This girl actually called me out on it several times. She said, "the asshole act is cute when you're around my friends or at the bar but you can drop it now."

Pretty sure I said something like, "where's the fun in that."

Basically mind fucking her so she doesn't know if it's an act or not.

775 - [TheRedPill] Head-swiveling, prolonged stares, and commenting/liking/PMing women's social media is a demonstration of low value and fucks up the SMP.

[-] DadOnDabs 11 Points about a year ago

Solid post. We need more content like this.

888 - [TheRedPill] Realizing that nobody gives a shit about you should be the most liberating thing you think.

[-] DadOnDabs 10 Points 2 years ago

I was depressed for a long time and wondering why no one would love me. I realized and internalized the fact that no one really gave a fuck about me. I only started to feel happy when I learned to love myself and cared about myself the way I expected someone else to.

75 - [AskTRP] Girl texts before date "Can i bring our friend?"

[-] DadOnDabs 10 Points about a year ago

Good call.

600 - [TheRedPill] 5 Tips To Improve Your Sex Game

[-] DadOnDabs 9 Points about a year ago

These are solid. 10/10!

Only thing I'll add is on the Jedi Breath trick. Try doing this to her ear and watch the sparks fly. You'll shoot chills down her entire body.

51 - [TheRedPill] Controlled Study

[-] DadOnDabs 8 Points 2 months ago

Solid post. Gonna go re-read the side bar now.

104 - [TheRedPill] Psychotic Dark Triad Twins (Field Report)

[-] DadOnDabs 7 Points about a month ago

Got laid so not gonna change anything. But a normal girl I agree. This girl no. Her and her sister are very direct.

617 - [TheRedPill] Beware Male Shit Tests

[-] DadOnDabs 5 Points about a year ago

I'll write a full field report at some point but I literally turned some dude who thought he was the shit making big money and talked down to me constantly into a little bitch. He would throw little tests my way to see if he could get me competing with him and I ignored them or flipped them. Threw subtle comments out the whole time to eat away at him. Usually the most talkative guy in the room and he stfu real quick.

90 - [AskTRP] Pregnant woman at the office tried to boss me around and when I refused to cave in, the other women "jumped" me... wtf?

[-] DadOnDabs 5 Points about a year ago

I wouldn't be an hb10's servant. I was saying anything under a 6 is literally not worth my time to speak to or acknowledge. It wouldn't even be worth my time to write a field report on it.

114 - [AskTRP] What the fuck is up with horse girls.

[-] DadOnDabs 5 Points about a year ago

There are a few theories on this. My personal theory is that the horse represents what they want but could never have in a man. Trustworthy but unpredictable, strong but gentle, silent and mysterious. Plus look at those horse gains. If only I could have quads like a horse ????????????.

Brb going to breed with a horse.

1432 - [TheRedPill] Jordan Peterson just went full Red Pill on Joe Rogan Podcast (Talks about alfa fucks/beta bucks, sexual marketplace on college, incels, and other Red Pill theories)

[-] DadOnDabs 4 Points 6 months ago

Red pill going main stream? The US may have some hope after all.

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