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400 - [TheRedPill] What happened to my country? (Brazil)

[-] CountVP 101 Points 7 months ago

I’m happy to help any friendly gringo to get laid down here. It’s awesome if you’re single and know the right places. The thing is I want my fellow men to envolve and build a legacy they are proud of. And people in this sub don’t sim to have that long term thinking. They just think they’ll be dudebros forever living the life. And that’s kinda silly if you ask me

400 - [TheRedPill] What happened to my country? (Brazil)

[-] CountVP 83 Points 7 months ago

It honestly baffles me that so many people here failed to understand my point. I’ll try to write in a more concize and idiot proof manner from now on

400 - [TheRedPill] What happened to my country? (Brazil)

[-] CountVP 68 Points 7 months ago

Oh it's definitely a fun place to be. Just not a very good place to raise your kids haha

400 - [TheRedPill] What happened to my country? (Brazil)

[-] CountVP 67 Points 7 months ago

Great man, until your daughter is a slut, than it's not fun anymore is it ?

400 - [TheRedPill] What happened to my country? (Brazil)

[-] CountVP 66 Points 7 months ago

It’s by class. Lower class you have the most depraved girls. Those are the girls that go to the favela for the baile funk. They grind on your dick, have sex in public and all that shit. They are lowest of the low. You can have one of those chicks just by having a nice car, but they usually involve themselves with organized crime so it’s not very safe to mess with them. And yeah most of those are black or pardo (Mixed race) Then you got the middle class, which is mostly white., but not those “german genetics white” . Those girls are still very open to sex, and easily acessíble. They are second tier easy. You take them on a date and they are dtf. Then you got the upper classes, where the girls are way harder to get, because they’ll only fuck men of status. So you’ll have to be a famous DJ, a famous singer, a successfull buisness man etc to get acess to them. And they’re not easily impressed. Those are white and look like Germans and Italians. They are descendant from the Italian and german migrants and are some of the most gorgeous woman on the planet. One thing to note: the poorer the girl, the ugliest she is. No exceptions. If you want top quality pussy you’ll have to work hard. But if you’re down with anything you can easily get a middle class girl by impressing her with something (be it muscles, a decent car, a fancy restaurant,being a foreigner)

Realistically you’ll only get middle class (white and pardo) or lower class (black). I’ve scored with a couple rich girls back in high school, but that was pure luck.

Also worthy to note is that underage girls in brazil frequent clubs and bars like they’re over 18. So it’s not hard to make a mistake and bed one of those. You’ll rarely face jail time tho

400 - [TheRedPill] What happened to my country? (Brazil)

[-] CountVP 66 Points 7 months ago

I do enjoy it. Just getting some perspective

121 - [TheRedPill] “Toxic masculinity” in advertising: keeping women scared and men shamed. | "A baby shower for a girl. A gift is passed to the expectant mother. It’s a rape whistle. Cut to a black screen: “1 in 2 girls will be physically or sexually abused.” Fifty percent of women will be beaten or raped? PARDON?"

[-] CountVP 42 Points 6 months ago

This is a controversial oppinion, but modern 21 century western world women are not very bright. They listen to stupid music, are attracted to stupid things and believe in stupid ideologies. It’s no wonder all this fear mongering works. This shit would never fly back in 1950

400 - [TheRedPill] What happened to my country? (Brazil)

[-] CountVP 40 Points 7 months ago

120M catholics in name only. Me and everyone i know is registered as a catholic but has never been to a church, never read the bible. Most of these so called catholics do not follow the religion and certainly not the principles of said religion. I go out everyday, i talk to a lot of people form different walks of life and i can tell you in a handfulll how many are practicing catholics.

On the subject of cultural subversion i'm glad you at least recognize it's a thing. You're not blind.

And as for being young that's precisely why i can see the path my generation is heading. It is the path of ignorance. The path of having no respect for your family nor for your fellow human beings. The path of brainless political activism

142 - [TheRedPill] The symbolism of the line of men grilling in the GILLETTE AD | "Barbecue men are deeply invested in family life. They are fathers. What is the easiest way to produce boys who do not understand or respect the boundaries between positive and negative masculinity? Take away their fathers."

[-] CountVP 38 Points 6 months ago

There are two possible theories. The first is that they are appealing to the female crowd (wich shounds like bullcrap) and the second is that the culture in New York and L.A has gone so far off the deep end to the left that CEO’s truly believe radical feminism is a growing trend in the western world. It is not. Everyday i see more and more people reject their dumb ideology. It’s just that these people live in liberal bubbles

400 - [TheRedPill] What happened to my country? (Brazil)

[-] CountVP 34 Points 7 months ago

I'd love to believe most people voted for Bolsonaro to preserve the traditional culture, but this is a world in which we cannot afford to be naive. He was most likely elected because he's a tough motherfucker who wants to end corruption and bring stability to the country. Much like Duterte. So the common people are sick and tired of the intellectual left protecting thiefs and corrupts, and that's most likely the reason he was elected

400 - [TheRedPill] What happened to my country? (Brazil)

[-] CountVP 33 Points 7 months ago

Yeah everyone is just dumb. That must be it. Ignore the fact that the country suffered 14 years of the most vile, corrupt and retarded government in the history of mankind and that people are fed up

406 - [TheRedPill] Don't be afraid to be a child again!

[-] CountVP 27 Points about a year ago

Social Engeneering. Taming man (to produce a compliant citizenry) is something hollywood has been doing seen television was invented

183 - [TheRedPill] Grass is Green: Tattoos Are A Slut Tell

[-] CountVP 26 Points 6 months ago

I don’t hate tattoos, i hate the epidemic of cheap nonsensical tattoos. Back when i hang out with betas in high school i had this friend who tattooed rick and morty characters. A fucking cartoon that you watched once, and you somehow thought it would be appropriate to scar yourself with for the rest of your life. Today this guy bitches that people think he’s gay. Long term thinking is dead in this generation

400 - [TheRedPill] What happened to my country? (Brazil)

[-] CountVP 25 Points 7 months ago

You can succeed as a parent and have your daughter become a whore. Culture and Setting trump family. That’s why a “Christian” nation such as Brazil has so many fucking sluts

400 - [TheRedPill] What happened to my country? (Brazil)

[-] CountVP 24 Points 7 months ago

Funny reply. But to the matter at hand. i'm not religious, nor prude and definitely not an stuck up person. But i believe society needs values to work as intended. And having your daughter get up on stage and fuck seven dudes in front of a crowd of cheering people is not a sign of a healthy society. Freedom should come with responsability. But of course women will be women and they'll use their freedom to get pregnant at 14. I hope you understand where i'm going with this

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