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62 - [TheRedPill] Interesting string of women that made me realize if not AWALT, most women AWLAT.

[-] BlindingTwilight 87 Points about a month ago

Can confirm:

  • 21 year old insta model - was fucking at least 2-3 guys every week. I was also fucking 2-3 girls a week so we were cool and swapped stories. Blew my mind, her n-count was in triple figures and she lost her virginity at 13. She once let 3 guys gang bang her when she was 19.

  • married trad con girl - used to text her husband from my bed in between sessions of me giving her the rough sex that he wasn’t man enough to try.

  • went to spend the weekend at a rich girl’s country property. Was near a small seaside town. There was only three streets but we couldn’t go down 2 streets because several of her exes owned the businesses there. One ex dropped by while I was there and she was getting messages from dudes all weekend. Didn’t see her again after that.

  • second date with a really cute 20 year old HB9. She said her dream was to be gangbanged by 10 hung body builders who had no regard for her wellbeing.

You couldn’t even make this shit up. Women are so much dirtier than anything your average beta male could dream of. Men are the true romantics and women are the true perverts. Female sexual desire is a scary abyss, when you look into the abyss, the abyss looks back into you.

277 - [TheRedPill] Women Who Don’t Have Babies Go Crazy | "Western females are so mentally ill that at least 25% of them need to be medicated with pharmaceutical drugs. Their sterility and the extreme enabling of their behavior created a perfect storm that is leading to societal mass hysteria."

[-] BlindingTwilight 53 Points about a month ago

It does, in poorer countries around the world women get pregnant very young. They have children and then they take care of them, exactly like they were designed to by nature and evolution. Go to some poor countries if you don’t believe me. You wont find even a trace of feminism or the lunatic behaviour of the SJW. If women acted like that in most of Africa, India, the middle east, Russia or Asia their family would throw them out of the house. Their own mothers, sisters and other female relatives would think a woman was insane if she started spouting feminist doctrine.

273 - [TheRedPill] Giving up on the dream lets you enjoy reality

[-] BlindingTwilight 36 Points about a month ago

The post needs some editing but you are hitting on some genuine issues. The reason so many guys suffer is due to unrealistic and unreasonable expectations. Men are the true romantics and I think this is both nature and nurture. It is counter intuitive to expect that most women want to be treated roughly during sex. It is surprising that you need to act aloof and cocky to attract her attention. Most guys do not learn until they have their hearts broken.

155 - [TheRedPill] Don't Do What Donny Does (AKA: Don't Try to Red Pill Your Friends...)

[-] BlindingTwilight 30 Points about a month ago

The secret here is picking guys who are ripe and ready to be converted. You need proximity, trust but most importantly you need very clear signs that they want to change. I have red pilled two close friends and they went from taking girls on 5 expensive dates and not getting laid to banging cute 20 somethings and spinning plates within a matter of months. They have both slid backwards into beta habits since then but the reality has now taken root. Once the seeds of truth are planted they always grow. Most guys who are introduced to TRP slide backwards but at least they have a spark of reality which may turn into a flame. That is the best we can hope for. The bullshit narrative of the leftard is extremely strong at the moment so we need to keep shining a light. I think red knighting is extremely important so next time just pick a candidate who is more ready than Donny and see how it goes.

155 - [TheRedPill] Don't Do What Donny Does (AKA: Don't Try to Red Pill Your Friends...)

[-] BlindingTwilight 28 Points about a month ago

I like to help guys out so long as they are decent guys. That is the point of this sub

277 - [TheRedPill] Women Who Don’t Have Babies Go Crazy | "Western females are so mentally ill that at least 25% of them need to be medicated with pharmaceutical drugs. Their sterility and the extreme enabling of their behavior created a perfect storm that is leading to societal mass hysteria."

[-] BlindingTwilight 20 Points about a month ago

Roosh is no scientist and he makes some sweeping statements based on some dodgy statistics..... however his anecdotes are sometimes amusing and interesting. Roosh’s piece is basically comedy but many a true word is said in jest. Even if his idea of false pregnancy is completely wrong there is a lot of truth in his column. Western women have completely lost the plot and this has caused a form of mass hysteria. I travel a lot and you just do not see this behaviour in non-Western countries. Women from Africa, Russia, India, the middle east, South America and Asia do not act like this. Women from other countries ACT LIKE WOMEN. Maybe there is a correlation between being childless and losing your identity, Roosh is a fool but out of the mouths of babes and fools.

46 - [TheRedPill] She wants someone who is already wanted - "The reality of these [celebrities] may or may not be impressive; however, the pre-selection of mass culture - no matter how manufactured - makes them desirable."

[-] BlindingTwilight 12 Points about a month ago

Many guys who are new to the manosphere underestimate the importance of pre selection. Hypergamy commands that she find out why the other girls like you so much and makes her compete for you.

469 - [TheRedPill] Feminists are ugly. - I can’t think of any men my age or younger who don’t know how to cook [or] don’t enjoy cooking. This is in stark contrast to the women of the same generations, who (typically) view cooking as an indignity.

[-] BlindingTwilight 8 Points about a month ago

Awesome post and the writing from Archwinger really rounds this out. This is one half of the issue, the other half is that whilst women have been refusing to act lovingly and nurture, they are busily trying to do everything that men traditionally did. Feminism is masculinism, the idea that a woman needs to do EVERYTHING that a man does. In reality feminism is just Freud’s penis envy dressed in the language taught in gender studies degrees.

Sigmund Freud theorised that all females go through a stage of development where they experience anxiety upon realization that they do not have a penis. Freud considered this realization a defining moment in a series of transitions toward a mature female sexuality and gender identity.

“......she later realizes the universality of her female situation, and as a result begins to share the contempt that men have towards women as a lesser (in the important respect of a lack of a penis), and so insists upon being like a man”

Karl Abraham subsequently went on to describe the effects of penis envy for vindictive women:

“....sought revenge on the male through humiliation or deprivation (whether by removing the man from the penis or the penis from the man)”

Sounds an awful lot like feminism to me. Fascinating that it is feminists who fight the most fiercely against Freud’s penis envy theory. Of course by denying the theory verbally, whilst behaving like men and hating on men and male sexuality, they confirm the theory beyond any doubt and make fools of themselves at the same time. Watch what she does, not listen to what she says. We are defined by our actions not our words.

Feminism should be called masculinism. You see it everywhere. Why do they keep making movies and TV shows which depict women as being able to handle themselves in a fight with men? Why are there so many female soldiers all of the sudden? Why does the latest season of Star Trek feature two unarmed human women winning in hand to hand combat against armed, elite, male Klingon warriors? Why do women want to compete in sports designed for men? Why does there always have to be a “strong” (note the word strong is a masculine descriptor) female lead character? The harder the feminists try and deny Freud’s observations, the more totally they prove that he was correct.

Of course this miserable path of masculinism will only lead to despair, misery, and dissolution. Feminists think that the only reason there are no famous female military generals, philosophers, mathematicians, soldiers, physicists, grandmaster chess players, engineers, architects, racing car drivers or martial artists is due to the pernicious and ever present patriarchy. In reality they will never be able to compete with men in these areas. Indeed they cannot even compete with men in cooking. All of the world’s best chefs are male, and they always will be.

Feminists are not only ugly, they are deluded vindictive frauds who have never grown out of penis envy. Make no mistake these vile misandrist harpies would happily castrate all men. They would have us in dog collars and force us to undergo surgeries so that we could get pregnant. Western feminism is the enemy, say it loud and say it proud. Many women stand with us so let’s get on with the job of burying this hateful and toxic movement once and for all.

111 - [TheRedPill] Feminism is penis envy

[-] BlindingTwilight 5 Points about a month ago

A hatred of western feminism and a defence of men’s rights are key components of the red pill. Incels do not rail against feminism, they just cry and become murderous or suicidal because they chose not to improve themselves. Incels have nothing to offer except a black pit for people to wallow in.

216 - [TheRedPill] You beautiful bastards

[-] BlindingTwilight 4 Points about a month ago

OP your new girlfriend is not a unicorn. You have not swallowed the pill. Back to square one.

513 - [TheRedPill] Joining an INCEL Group is Fucking Retarded. There is no Black Pill.

[-] BlindingTwilight 3 Points about a month ago

Perhaps we should start referring to them as Volcels

111 - [TheRedPill] Feminism is penis envy

[-] BlindingTwilight 0 Points about a month ago

“Sigmund Freud’s theory is shit”

Seriously? You are going to dismiss a theory by one of the greatest minds of the modern era? Would you like to debunk Einstein’s theory of relativity or ridicule Beethoven’s compositions?

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