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42 - [AskTRP] Being not socially skilled, unattractive, bad with girls, and overall beta, how do I deal with family members who are the complete opposite?

[-] BPasFuck 107 Points about a year ago

Young man,

Take a deep breath. Relax. You're going to be fine.

Like a lot of people, you're so caught up in comparing yourself to other people, and using the signposts of their lives to measure yours against, that you fail to realize that the only signposts that matter are the ones on your path.

Here's a big secret: You are not playing the same game as everyone else. You're not even in the same league or the same sport. The game you are playing is your own. And while it is sometimes hard not to try and draw comparisons with others, shit really doesn't apply. People's circumstances are too unique for any comparisons to be helpful to you.

Fixating on these other people like this will only serve to depress you further. You should be fixating on the person you were before discovering trp.

Ask yourself, if you would really want to go back to being him.

The answer is of course, no. You are already light years beyond where that guy was-- I don't even have to quiz you about him.

It is impossible to choose ignorance again. By that virtue alone, you are already winning.


4 months of lifting is not bad. 4 years is better.

As for all of the teasing from your cousins-- that's all that is. Teasing. Remain focused, and keep grinding.

1432 - [TheRedPill] Jordan Peterson just went full Red Pill on Joe Rogan Podcast (Talks about alfa fucks/beta bucks, sexual marketplace on college, incels, and other Red Pill theories)

[-] BPasFuck 57 Points 2 years ago

The thing to keep in mind about Joe and diet is:

He's on mega trt and hgh. That's why he and Dana White look so alike. They both got that Barry Bonds hgh dome.

Keto and Jujitsu are great. They will do good things for you. Expect improvement. But don't go into it thinking your results will match his.

73 - [AskTRP] Girlfriend fuxked a whole frat house right before we met

[-] BPasFuck 49 Points 4 years ago

Boom. This is the thing right here. Double-damn guarantee OP is only at the tippy-tip of that slutty iceberg.

109 - [AskTRP] Older guy at my gym recently "casually" brought up in brief conversation to me that he pays $2300 a month child support. What the fuck is this serious?

[-] BPasFuck 41 Points about a year ago

Why do you dummies think we continually preach 'Don't get married!' here?

Jesus Christ.

If someone really could break down how much of the 'child support' actually goes to paying for mom's make up, and clothes so she can snare a new man, instead of 'the kids,' well... it'd be some shameful shit.

Worse, how much of the money goes to pay for her and her new man's entertainment?

20 - [AskTRP] Bachelorette Parties

[-] BPasFuck 34 Points 3 years ago

Sometimes someone in the wedding party just wants to fuck the bride over, and break up the marriage before it even starts.

Don't ever underestimate how two-faced women's friends can be.

14 - [AskTRP] Thanks you motherfuckers

[-] BPasFuck 32 Points 2 years ago

Son, there is no bro code.

Not for you. Not right now.

You're too new to this.

You do you.

Other people you see suffering have to find their own way here. If you try and help them, they'll just try and sabotage you.

57 - [AskTRP] I didn't get any responses at r/suicidewatch I'm 19 and need help

[-] BPasFuck 30 Points 4 years ago

Pretty much this.

I strongly suspect that being a little more selfish-- being a little more 'me-focused' will also be a big help to you.

Like most people, you are measuring yourself against the world and others with exterior things: "That guy has hair." "He has more money." "He has a handsomer face."

Just stop.

Before I even heard of the redpill, I had to recognize that it was a fool's game to try and measure myself against others like that.

Here's a big secret: You are not playing the same game as everyone else. You're not even in the same league or the same sport. The game you are playing is your own. And while it is sometimes hard not to try and draw comparisons with others, shit really doesn't apply. People's circumstances are too unique for any comparisons to be helpful to you.

I do think you need to find other work. Part of your problem, I suspect, is that these long hours make it hard to find other shit. And your anxieties make it hard to network with people.

So-- what you can do tomorrow, if you're unwilling to lift:

1) Go out and buy a copy of 'How to win friends and influence people' by Dale Carnegie. Read that shit.

2) Apply that shit.

3) Find a new job. Even if it doesn't pay as much-- if it's decent enough to cover your necessary expenses, it'll be worth it if you're not killing yourself with those stupid hours. Check at the local grocery store-- they almost always need stockers. And you can't tell me a case of green beans is worse than some fuckhead's heavy antique furniture.

Once you've got all that squared away, it's time to really hone in on your new, more selfish attitude. I say this a lot on the board, because it's true:

Think of yourself as an NFL team owner. What's the most important thing for you to do, if you want to win games? You have to take care of your star player.

Your star player is you. Not your parents. Not some bitch that says she loves you. And also not any kids you might have in the future. Fuck all that noise-- you're the star player.

If you take care of your star player-- your team: (Parents, girlfriends, kids, etc) will be better than they would if you focused on them instead. It sounds crazy, but it's true.

If you're putting yourself first in life, everything around you is better. You have more money. You are happier. You are more fun to be around. You have options when life throws you a new challenge.

So-- read that book. Find anything that will pay your bills, and give you a little more free time for self-improvement. ((You may have to spend less money, or let go of some bullshit-- do not fear this.)) And start putting more importance on yourself, and stop unfairly comparing your self with other people.

((edited to correct the name of Dale Carnegie's book))

7 - [AskTRP] One of my oldest friends has recently been flexing nuts on me, not sure how to handle it.

[-] BPasFuck 30 Points 3 years ago

Your new favorite word needs to become 'no.'

You've been so busy saying 'yes' to this guy, (and probably many other people too) that you've lost sight of how to say 'no,' without it feeling awkward.

To help you get used to your first answer to any question always being 'no,' you have the follow up phrase 'I will.'

For example: 'Manchooses, I'm coming over to use your gym tomorrow.'

"No. I will be unavailable until next week." (or whatever)

You don't owe anyone any more of an explanation than that. And feeling as if you do, is bitch thinking.

The more you do this sort of a thing, and variations of it, the less weird you will feel about it. I promise you, that shit's all in your head.

417 - [TheRedPill] You Never Took The Red Pill And Never Will

[-] BPasFuck 30 Points about a year ago

Jordan Peterson is walking a careful line.

A line that runs between orthodoxy, and heresy.

Honestly, coming from out of the unbelievably cucked wastes of Canadian higher education, I think it's amazing how close he manages to come to meeting a lot of Redpill expectations.

It would not surprise me if he is even closer than he publicly seems, but is choosing to moderate himself to some degree, just to avoid easy dismissal.

I think many of us forget sometimes, just how 'out there' or 'dangerous' what is being preached here truly seems.

For a refresher, just go and visit The Blue Pill, or Two X or some other mainpage sub and say something like, 'I don't think women are wonderful!' and see what happens.

Tempting as it is to cut him some slack, because of this, one also must realize how frustrating it must be to see a bunch of newbies show up here spouting Peterson's thoughts as though their own, as if he is a redpill authority.

He is not. He's his own thing. With some worthy ideas. And some not so in touch ones.

4 - [AskTRP] Girls never ask for exclusivity

[-] BPasFuck 29 Points 2 years ago

Women ask for exclusivity when they want to lock you down.

These women you're dealing with either don't want to lock you down, or they feel they've already got you.

Whichever it is, your solution is to keep doing you, and not give a fuck.

Your job is to get ass. It's their job to get commitment. If you try and push for commitment, you're just going to damage your ability to get ass.

125 - [TheRedPill] Redpill theatre director plates some hot young actresses over the course of 20 years. After nexting them once they hit the wall, the actresses call a newspaper and conspire to destroy his career by all crying "rape".

[-] BPasFuck 29 Points 4 years ago

If he was some creepy old queer, hitting on the young, confused, boys getting into acting, no one would say a word. Shit, he'd be doing them a favor-- getting them all plugged into the gay mafia.

5 - [AskTRP] Regarding alpha-widows and their Chads

[-] BPasFuck 28 Points 2 years ago

I'm going to do you a favor.

Forget about chads. Forget about alpha widows. Forget all of that shit, for now.

Boil things down to a very simple calculation:

Is she fucking you good?

If the answer is yes, then all is well.

If she is not, then all is not well.

See that? That's some 1 + 1 shit right there. Makes it real simple to figure out what you might do next, doesn't it?

Don't get yourself lost in the weeds, friendo. Reduce the complexities. Put yourself up high-- and focus on the view from 40,000 feet-- clear, simple, cold.

You will waste so much time worrying about every last damn thing when you're down in the weeds.

38 - [TheRedPill] Why females are physically weak?

[-] BPasFuck 27 Points about a year ago

Your overall point is correct, but I would point out that among some primates, the Alpha male has to permit and allow and take care of certain strong betas.

Those that fail to do so wind up getting ganged up on and ripped apart when the betas chimp out.

Consequently, these strong betas will get some pussy. The alpha will occasionally help groom them, and maintain good ties. And when necessary, they will support him.

55 - [AskTRP] Isn't this just beautiful?

[-] BPasFuck 26 Points 2 years ago

It's also worth noting, how she tried to rattle your frame by basically calling you a child with attitude problems.

9 - [AskTRP] I've watched too much tranny porn and now I don't get turned on by real girls anymore. [not a troll post]

[-] BPasFuck 26 Points about a year ago

Just stop watching porn, for a start.

And keep your hands off your dick for a while.

You'll go back to normal.

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