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480 - [TheRedPill] 29 year old woman hurt her boyfriend cares about her high partner count. Gets told her sleeping with 17 men makes her 'average'.

[-] Archwinger 940 Points 2 years ago

The biggest, angriest lie that keeps "beta" men in check is the belief that women need to feel some kind of emotional connection with a guy before they'll be willing to have sex.

When a loser man learns that his wife/girlfriend was a super-slut, who can't even name or remember over half the people she fucked or messed around with, it hits him like a truck. All of that crap about how a woman needs to feel safe, comfortable, special, loved, and emotionally intimate is bullshit. She fucked all kinds of guys she barely knew, just for fun.

Then it dawns on him even more: all of the times she rejected his sexual advances because she didn't feel special, comfortable, loved, emotionally intimate -- that was all bullshit excuses to cover the fact that she just plain didn't want sex with him at all. If she wants sex, she doesn't need any of that - she just fucks for fun. But she's not into him, so she uses those excuses - those lies he's believed his entire life - to hide her lack of attraction to him.

Then, he feels used, exploited, tricked.

2326 - [TheRedPill] 1000 migrants in Germany sexually assault, rob and rape women at one train station on New Year's eve. Feminists actively are trying to cover it up.

[-] Archwinger 370 Points 2 years ago

It's not that people don't care about rape by minority groups. They're just petrified that if any attention is given to anything other than the primary issue of female power over the majority cis-white-male-patriarchy engine, then they'll lose the war. It's the same reason you can't raise pro-male issues that aren't anti-woman in the slightest.

"My best friend was raped in prison last night." "OMG shitlord women are raped more shut up about your privileged patriarchy and cry me a river about your one stupid rape."

"My dog died last night." "OMG shitlord why are you comparing women to dogs?" "Uh...I wasn't. I was just talking about my dog?" "And not about women and the issues we face?! Fucking misogynist."

If we take our eye off the ball for a single second, people might realize that women are stupid cunts and stop taking this feminism thing seriously. We can't let that happen. Down with men! But just white middle class men from the United States and Europe.

517 - [TheRedPill] Women want a wedding, not a marriage.

[-] Archwinger 335 Points 4 years ago

It gets worse than this. Your entire marriage becomes one giant race to prove your value. If a woman isn't getting praise and attention for having a badass husband, you lose points.

That's right. She'll ride you daily to keep you from going to the gym (because you're not paying attention to her when you're there), but if you get a pot belly and lose your muscles and her friends stop being jealous of how fine her husband is, you're not giving her social status any more and she divorces you. And eventually, you're going to get old naturally and go gray, or go bald, or get wrinkles, or have a harder time staying muscular, and if you're too much older than she is and she and her friends aren't ugly by then, too, same deal.

If you're not constantly a social badass and the envy of the town -- if the neighbors don't like you and want to be you, and her friends aren't constantly talking within earshot of your wife about how awesome her husband is, you're costing her social points. If you keep to yourself, go to work, do your job, come home, and take care of your family, but your wife's social circle thinks you're antisocial and not much fun, you lose. She divorces you.

Oh, and if you ever, ever lose your job and haven't found a better one in about 30 seconds, she's divorcing you.

Once you marry her, she can do whatever the fuck she wants. She can piss all over you, and you have to take it. Because your only way out is to walk, and if you walk, she gets your expensive house, your children, half of the wealth you've worked your entire life to accrue, and child support payments for the next decade or two. And not only do you have to take it. You have to fucking smile and pretend you like it. Because if you make too much of an issue about her pissing on you, she'll file herself and get your house, kids, half your shit, and support payments.

So you're stuck being a badass for the rest of forever, while your disillusioned wife never fucks you and pisses all over you. You lose if your value ever slips. You lose if you complain. You lose if you fuck someone else. It's a losing venture.

932 - [TheRedPill] You should know: You're being watched, and branded, for taking part in this subreddit.

[-] Archwinger 327 Points 2 years ago

So when I post on reddit, a select group of people who are using that list will see my handle in black?

Fuck this shit.

I'm Archwinger. Those stupid cunts should know my name in any fucking color.

1336 - [TheRedPill] Woman thinks her guy friend is being an 'asshole' because he's no longer doing nice things for her after she rejected him.

[-] Archwinger 319 Points 2 years ago

Women need to take note:

If a guy helps a girl move, he wants to fuck her. Period. Hands down. No exceptions.

Helping somebody move is the most annoying, long, tedious, aggravating, stupid shit on the planet. When bros help me move or vice versa, everyone is well compensated with food and beer. Because we all understand that moving sucks ass. It takes a real friend to help you move.

Most women don't lift furniture at awkward angles up three flights of stairs to get to an overpriced apartment, so they don't understand. They think their happy dopey guy friends just move shit because they're all friends with her. Not that she would ever carry beds and couches for them. The best she might do is actually bother to empty her drawers before asking the guys to carry her dresser upstairs.

288 - [TheRedPill] Active & caring father teaches his sons "man lessons" and makes sure to include his daughter as well. Mother does "woman lessons" too. Women in /r/DIY explode with how OP is indirectly responsible for why their own lives are ruined.

[-] Archwinger 300 Points 3 years ago

I do push ups with my daughter on my back. She loves it. My wife says I'm exploiting her.

So I started having my daughter do push ups while I push on her back. She loves it. My wife says I'm riling her up and making her wild.

So I took a break and had a pretend tea party with my daughter. She loves it. My wife yelled at me because I was wasting time I should have been helping with some household chore.

My little girl started crying when she heard mommy yell, and my wife rushed in to rescue her from my shitty parenting, screaming the whole while.

That night at bedtime, unsolicited, she tells mommy she's mean. Mommy yells at daddy for teaching her that.

Does anybody actually pay attention to shit women say any more?

356 - [TheRedPill] Redditor has a dead bedroom, wife goes away for a work trip, gets back and starts fucking him again. Guy gets suspicious, and is totally justified.

[-] Archwinger 299 Points 3 years ago

Remember, men, the measure of your relationship is desire. Not length of time. Not cuddling. Not I love yous. Not money or furniture or trips or a nice house. Not even children. And not even sex. The measure of your relationship is desire.

If your woman does not desire you, as evinced by enthusiastically seeking out sex with you, and passionately engaging in the activity, then your relationship is circling the drain.

If you are not fucking your woman on an extremely regular basis, with her enthusiastic participation, then your woman is one weekend or girls' night and a few glasses of wine away from another man's cock. Because she doesn't respect you. She may like you, treat you nicely, even love you (in her own way), but if she doesn't respect you as a man, then she's not sexually attracted to you. You've set the bar really low, and a few drinks and a night away from you, next to a man she perceives as slightly better than that low bar you've set, and she'll be riding his cock. Especially if she's pretty certain you'll never know.

580 - [TheRedPill] Found a quick way to shut down a shit-tester

[-] Archwinger 259 Points 2 years ago

The subtext in that exchange was a thing of beauty.

"Are you successful with women, you fucking chump I'm hoping to manipulate?"

"Yes. Now quit with the pointed questions and try to have fun."

"Even though you're older? I think you're full of shit and you suck, chump."

"Yes, with better women than you. Cut this shit out."

" I have a shot at being more than just a fuck?"

"Hell n....I mean, maybe."

336 - [TheRedPill] I've been dubbed King of All Betas, teach me.

[-] Archwinger 253 Points 4 years ago

You're in a really deep hole. Your wife has no respect for you -- this isn't about her medical or mental issues, her current life status, your current life status, or any of that. She has NO respect for you. You don't matter to her. She doesn't consider you her mate. You're just some roommate she's been taking advantage of.

You'd probably be happier and better off just divorcing her. It's going to be a lot of work to reclaim any of this, and she'll fight you every step of the way, because what she thinks she wants and what she actually needs are very much not the same.

But if you have to stay in the marriage for some reason, there is one golden rule that must remain true: You must be willing to cut ties and walk out at any time. If you are not actually willing to leave and are just talking out your ass, you have nothing. No leverage, no hope, no power, no respect.

Your wife needs to believe, with 100% certainty, that you very much will leave her if things don't improve. And that you very much do have options with other women, but even if you didn't, that you will very much be happy and have a very fulfilling life without her. She needs to see you happy, in shape, doing your own things, having fun, maybe meeting other women, and just plain taking your life in directions you enjoy, with or without her. She needs to see your life as something she wants to hitch her wagon to again, but for that to happen, you can not be doing this for her or to attract her or to fix things. You have to focus on yourself and what's best for you (which may include leaving her if she doesn't shape up), and she can come along for the ride, or not. Because your life is about you. It's been about this ungrateful and disrespectful woman for too long.

567 - [TheRedPill] Commitment is Way More Valuable than Sex—Why You Truly Are the Prize

[-] Archwinger 251 Points 2 years ago

This is actually a really interesting line of thinking.

Getting pissed on by a cute girl from the bar or your class or work or something, then seeing her go date some good-looking douchebag who shits all over her sucks, sure.

But imagine being her. Actually dating that douchebag for 7 months, putting out every weekend, blowing him quickly in the bathroom at work a few weekdays, too, hoping he'll actually introduce you to his friends, let you meet his parents, actually take you seriously. Then he drops you because you're getting too clingy and he found someone prettier who doesn't nag him as much. And you wasted 7 months not getting what you were really after.

It's easy to be jealous of that girl, because she was dating, she was having sex, while you sat around being an unloved loser jerking off. But she didn't get what she wanted. She got what you wanted. But not what she wanted.

599 - [TheRedPill] Man loses job and breaks down crying when he tells his wife. She is surprised to discover that she feels disgusted by him.

[-] Archwinger 240 Points 2 years ago

It's natural for people to think, "This is his wife. He's been her husband, stood by her, done for her, sacrificed for her, supported her for years. It's the first time he's ever had a hardship this bad, and the first time she's ever seen him cry. Can't she cut him a little slack and be there for him, after all he's done for her?"

But she can't. Because all that shit he's done for her, he already did. She already has it. She already benefited from it. She spent the money, ate the food, flushed the toilet. That's old news. You can't buy your woman's respect with food she already ate, shit, and flushed.

Today's news is that her man revealed to her that he doesn't have his shit together, her future is uncertain, now she's sad and worried, and it's her husband's fault that she feels that way. And when she divorces him, he's going to think it's because she's worried about money and his job status. But really, it will be because he makes her feel sad and worried. Because he's a weak man who can't handle adversity, doesn't have his shit together, and looked to her for validation and leadership in hard times.

613 - [TheRedPill] "Well some other guy just took my [18 M] g/f (now ex I guess) [17 f] virginity." Bonus: Other guy has already moved on to banging a new chick in less than a week.

[-] Archwinger 212 Points 2 years ago

The important lesson here isn't to understand the guy. Because we get him. We've been him. We know him. He is us and we are him.

The important lesson here is to understand the girl.

She meets a guy at age 14 and is with him every day for 4 years. It's safe to guess that this church-going, nice girl has never truly gotten involuntarily moist downstairs for a man that she's really and truly attracted to. For her, relationships are like what you see on some teen rom-com TV show. Shmoopy hand-holding, pet names, cuddling in front of the TV. That first kiss being a big deal.

Of course sex is off the table. Because you're not supposed to do that until you're grown up, maybe even married. She doesn't know that she's not attracted to her boyfriend, because she's never actually been attracted to a guy before. At least not a guy who's offered. She has no basis for comparison. She genuinely believes this is how it's supposed to be.

When a hot, confident guy who knows what he wants hits on her, this is new to her. She probably doesn't get hit on that often. Not because she's not cute, necessarily, but most guys are pussies who are afraid to hit on women. So this is new - and honestly probably pretty uncomfortable. But on some level, it's not uncomfortable just because it's offensive and she has a boyfriend -- it's uncomfortable because she kind of likes it and likes the attention.

She's never actually felt that way about a person before. She's finally met a man she's attracted to, and her mind begins to attach extreme emotional significance to these feelings her body is having. When telling her boyfriend, she even describes it as she "had a relationship" with the guy, however brief. Eventually, in the heat of a moment, she says to herself "Oh fuck it" and has sex with the guy, even though she's a virgin who was saving it for her long-term boyfriend that she loves.

She's been in the heat of many moments with her boyfriend over the last four years, but was never, ever of a mind to say "oh fuck it" and get lost in the moment with him.

Even now, after all of this, she doesn't quite understand what took place. In her mind, this "just happened." She's honestly confused. Because she knows she has a boyfriend of 4 years. She knows she likes him. She just doesn't understand (yet) that she's not attracted to him. Not like that. She really doesn't know why she threw her relationship away (nor does she know that it's for the best and was the right thing to do).

To her credit, she confesses. To everything. He didn't know everything, and she could have stopped her story when it became clear he didn't, but she fessed up. She did rationalize a bit "we only had sex once", she offered to have sex with her (now-ex) boyfriend. But she doesn't get it. She'd probably have initiated the break-up herself if the other guy wanted something serious with her, but her mind hasn't even gone there.

Her mistake goes far deeper than cheating. She monopolized a guy for four years when she wasn't attracted to him. She used him. He was her time and emotional whore. She didn't mean to do it, but that's what she did, and that was her real crime. The cheating was just a product of who she was and wasn't attracted to. She'll come to understand that and maybe make better choices in the future. But wasting a guy's life for four years? That's rough.

343 - [TheRedPill] Reminder: There is a DIRECT correlation between a woman's sexual past and divorce rates.

[-] Archwinger 203 Points 3 years ago

I, for one, am thankful that sluts today are free to slut around.

It’s not the sex, specifically, that causes these women to be bad relationship and marriage material. It’s the type of woman they are. Promiscuous sex is a symptom of the fact that these women are shitty relationship prospects. Not the cause. Pleasure-seeking, selfish, little girls with no self-control who bring little to the table besides sexual availability, and have failed to develop as a mature human being as a result and have instead become entitled bitches – that’s the kind of woman who sluts it up.

If society shamed these women into pretending to be sexually conservative, more men would mistake them for reasonable relationship prospects, then get divorce-raped and cheated on. Our sex-positive society is a very useful tool for screening out sluts.

480 - [TheRedPill] Jezebel reader takes the red pill

[-] Archwinger 202 Points 2 years ago

Women get screwed. When society doesn't force them to be accountable adults and teaches them entitlement instead of consequences, they make stupid choices.

Then, it's like, "Wait... I thought I could make those choices and still end up with what I always thought I was entitled to. What do you mean I don't get what I want as a consequence of previous choices?" Literally, the thought process of child.

This isn't something to rejoice about or feel vindicated over. Society is screwing over these child-women who don't know any better. These women need drugs just to cope. They can't push the power button on their smartphones without seeing some photo or comment from an acquaintance and feeling suicidal.

742 - [TheRedPill] All Men Are Like That

[-] Archwinger 198 Points 2 years ago

I'd add to this point by noting that men don't lean beta because they're taught beta, or because of the shit food they eat. Or I guess I should say they don't lean beta just because of that.

Men avoid masculinity because it's easier.

The only way a boy grows up to become a masculine man is if his father and his community fucking forces him to do so. Kick his ass. When bullies pound him in school, teach him boxing, not self-esteem. Make him play football and shoot guns, and if he falls short, call him a faggot and make sure he knows he'll never touch pussy. Boys used to do this to each other. Their fathers and grandfathers used to push them mercilessly. Society (even girls) shunned and laughed at the losers, pushing them to be better. Man culture used to help turn boys into men. Because it had to. If the community didn't force boys to become men, they wouldn't, because remaining non-masculine is just plain easier.

So when modern, feminized society tells boys that it's outdated to be masculine, and that they should just stay the course as feminized losers, because masculine gender roles are evil and oppressive, and they're actually better and different and special if they cast those off and stay feminized -- that's music to a loser-man's ears.

Because now he has society's backing as he takes the easy route.

The Red Pill definitely isn't for everybody. Maybe 10% of the guys around here will make positive changes in their lives. The other 90% will use their internet hobby as yet another diversion, like porn or alcohol, or use it as an outlet for their aggression as they shit on and blame women and complain about how it's all women's/society's fault that they never learned manliness.

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