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296 - [TheRedPill] Step-By-Step Guide to Being More Charming

[-] Aghayden 85 Points 2 years ago

Yes, so can black-and-white overly simplistic thinking. Charm doesn't exist in a vacuum, you can be charming while still having mystique or being challenging, etc. Just like you can post poorly thought out comments without really thinking, but still be an intelligent human being in other areas of your life.

285 - [TheRedPill] How To Tease A Girl And Spark Sexual Attraction

[-] Aghayden 39 Points about a year ago

The tease doesn't have to be clever to work, it just has to be coming from the right place.

It's actually better that it doesn't have to be original, because if it did, then teasing would be a chore . It's about the vibe, not the content.

Here's an example of me teasing a girl and every time I do she busts out in laughter:

I wasn't saying clever or original, I was just being playfully provocative - teasing isn't so much about wittiness as it is about implying that the girl might not be good enough for you in some way.

276 - [TheRedPill] The Best Way To Meet Women (Social Circle Vs. Cold Approach Vs. Online Dating)

[-] Aghayden 38 Points about a year ago

Cold approach just means you don’t know her beforehand, if your game is good yeah she’ll enjoy talking to you and be more attracted. Not sure if trolling lol

296 - [TheRedPill] Step-By-Step Guide to Being More Charming

[-] Aghayden 35 Points 2 years ago

Learn to have both, it's not black and white.

285 - [TheRedPill] How To Tease A Girl And Spark Sexual Attraction

[-] Aghayden 30 Points about a year ago

That's a great point. We learn to stop teasing through social conditioning (gotta stay in line at school/work. Then, we forget that teasing is natural and we actually resist learning it by making the excuse (that's not a natural part of my personality, I don't want to be fake).

296 - [TheRedPill] Step-By-Step Guide to Being More Charming

[-] Aghayden 29 Points 2 years ago

Charm isn't about impressing them, it's about making them feel good about themselves. And I know lots of people who have trouble with being funny or charming lol.

189 - [TheRedPill] The Unexpected Cause of All Your Insecurities (A guide to deep social confidence part two)

[-] Aghayden 27 Points 2 years ago

Part three will go more into what the step-by-step process looks like.

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck by Mark Manson goes deep into building self-awareness, fantastic book.

Thinking, Fast and Slow is written by Nobel prize winning psychologist Daniel Kahneman and shows you many of the mistakes that the brain makes, reading it will seriously help you understand your own mind. The writing style isn't the most fun to read, but the content is brilliant.

50 - [TheRedPill] Zen and the Art of Pickup

[-] Aghayden 20 Points 2 years ago

We prefer to call it a mobile home community.

507 - [TheRedPill] Why You Should Love Rejection

[-] Aghayden 19 Points about a year ago

Yeah man, if you're in the top .0001% of guys looks-wise game is going to be easier for you.

But if you're not that guy, what are you going to do? Just be a little bitch and not take what you want from life? "These male models don't get rejected, why should I have to get rejected? It's not fair!" If that makes you feel like a winner, go for it.

To be clear, I'm not saying looks don't matter, and I'm not saying you shouldn't improve your appearance. I'm just saying your looks aren't an excuse.

I've pulled plenty of hot girls when I wasn't in the best shape. Sure, it's easier when you're ripped, but you don't want to turn into the guy who says,

"When I get to 12% body fat, then I'll start approaching."

Then you get to 12% body fat, and you think, "You know what, this isn't good enough, I'll start approaching when I get to 10% body fat."

Then you get to 10% body fat, and you think, "You know what, once I'm 8% body fat, then I'll look good enough to start approaching."

Fixating on something external becomes a never-ending treadmill.

Start taking action now, and improve your appearance while you also improve your game, confidence, etc.

238 - [TheRedPill] How To Get Laid In Vegas: A Comprehensive Guide

[-] Aghayden 18 Points about a year ago

This is a fair point, actually.

Leading hard is a big part of pulling. One time I got in an uber with a girl and she said, "we're going to the flamingo," (her hotel). I just told the driver, "Sorry sir, we're actually going to (my hotel)". (later that night, we hooked up)

Another time, a girl and her friend dropped me off at my hotel, and the girl who I had been talking to said, "It was nice meeting you, have a good night."

I said, "Get out of the cab and hug me goodbye," she did, then I said, "Tell your friend that we're hanging out for a few minutes and that I'll get you an uber back to your hotel."

She said, "Okay," and then she ditched her friend to come back to my place.

So, yeah, being extremely assertive is necessary to pull a lot of the time. Any doubt in yourself and what's going to happen and she'll lost interest.

However, asking to pull as a question can work fine so long as it's asked in the right tone. If, when you ask, "Hey, would you like to get a quick drink somewhere that isn't so loud?" and you say it in a confident, assertive tone, it'll work just as well as anything else.

But, to be fair, I think it's easier to practice with more direct lines like the one's you suggested, so I"ll make an edit to the article.

You still should ask logistical questions at some point, the easiest one being, "What are you doing later?" Because that'll give you useful information.

If she says, "I'm not sure," that's a huge green light.

If she says, "I'm going back to the hotel with my brother," well, you know you've got a very difficult logistical situation to deal with (and it may just be best to get her number and move on to another girl)

251 - [TheRedPill] The 3 Common Dating Mistakes Men Make (And How To Avoid Them)

[-] Aghayden 18 Points 2 years ago

That's actually not my site, my site is

Anyway there's lot of free content available on his site, you don't have to buy the book.

247 - [TheRedPill] How To Get 1% Better Every Time You Approach Women

[-] Aghayden 16 Points about a year ago

I've pulled roughly 100 girls from game - mostly 8s, a handful of 9s and 10s, a good number of 7s when I was new.

I only bang one girl on the regular (open relationship) but I also go out regular and I'd say I do pretty well.

39 - [TheRedPill] What Sigmund Freud Can Teach You About Picking Up Chicks

[-] Aghayden 16 Points 2 years ago

And afterwards, we'll discuss how to make pointless strawman arguments instead of doing anything remotely intelligent.

251 - [TheRedPill] The 3 Common Dating Mistakes Men Make (And How To Avoid Them)

[-] Aghayden 15 Points 2 years ago

Agreed. I got reactive though and humor did not come to my mind. Learning experience.

251 - [TheRedPill] The 3 Common Dating Mistakes Men Make (And How To Avoid Them)

[-] Aghayden 15 Points 2 years ago

No, her husband was in the other room. She was just a bitch, reactions like that are rare, but everyone once in a while that happens.

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