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334 - [TheRedPill] Young men are increasingly having trouble with self worth and need serious guidance

[-] 7thAnvil 102 Points about a year ago

Unfortunately, any guy suicidal over such an incident is so not ready for The Red Pill. I've tried to introduce TRP to dozens of guys with mixed success. One thing I've learned is they have to be sensing/feeling that something isn't right with TBP Matrix before there is any chance you can reach them. They have to already be figuring out much of TRP truisms on their own so you can just kind of fill in the missing pieces. They have to be searching for answers to the contradictions and confusion of BP intersexual dynamics.

193 - [TheRedPill] Girl posts her date results on the seduction subreddit. Prime example of Briffault's Law and beta bucks.

[-] 7thAnvil 64 Points about a year ago

There is one place this girl did something fucked up: When she brought up being 'raped' in the past after they were alone and getting comfy in the hotel room. I've been in similar situations in the past (i.e. ended up in hotel room or other private place shortly after meeting a woman). I always passed the last minute resistance tests and got the lays. I put them at ease by always stating things like "nothing will happen that you don't want to happen", "relax baby, I don't force myself on girls, it's not my style", etc. Nevertheless, I really don't know how I would have handled her bringing up the R word. I think I would have backed off and then very slowly escalated again while carefully observing her response. However, bringing up the R word very well might spook me to the point I just say fuck it. At the very least it kills the mood. Total bitch move. If she truly regretted finding herself in that position she had a moral obligation to resort to explicit communication and apologize, pay for half the room, and then bail. I'd actually respect that much more than fucking with me by bringing up the R word.

521 - [TheRedPill] Rape charge dropped against USC student after video surfaces. Thank technology for making data abundant.

[-] 7thAnvil 46 Points 7 months ago

Lessons learned:

Casual sex with a strange girl is a risky behavior.

Casual sex with a drunk girl is very risky behavior.

Casual sex with a drunk girl who attends a university which brainwashes girls with hate for men, redefines consent, and has an entire bureaucracy that will support her and persecute you is bat shit crazy off the wall risky behavior!

207 - [TheRedPill] A Red Pill Perspective on the 2016 Election

[-] 7thAnvil 26 Points 2 years ago

One Wednesday morning I sent the same exact text to 3 plates, a potential plate, and an ex-plate. Each of these women were indifferent or anti Trump prior to the election. My text said "TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP! Next time I see you I'm going to grab your pussy to celebrate." I expected at least one or two negative reactions/ignores. Yet by Thursday night I received a positive or at least "Lol you're funny" type response from every last one.

609 - [TheRedPill] From Professor and Clinical Psychologist Jordan B. Peterson on Beta Males and the Dominance Hierarchy

[-] 7thAnvil 23 Points 2 years ago

I've listened to the entire podcast (well worth my time). It's notable that Peterson stated that he just recently started thinking about male hierarchies in sexual selection terms. The overall impression I got is Peterson is just starting to wake up to Red Pill truths but has a long way to go. I love Rogan but he is as blue pill as it gets when it comes to his view of women (he's pretty much a blank slate eagalitarian). Both of these guys (who I very much admire) would greatly benefit from Rollo Tomassi's books. Joe Rogan desperately needs to have Rollo on his podcast. After listening to dozens of Rogan's podcasts, I get the sense that TRP is the missing link in his overall reasonable world view.

166 - [TheRedPill] Discussion on Jordan Peterson: "Men Can't Control Crazy Women"

[-] 7thAnvil 18 Points about a year ago

You have to build your own male group. I have a core of 3 fully red pilled friends - friends I introduced to TRP - I also have 4 or 5 more or less purple pilled second tier friends. Although the purples are well aware the we never ever compete against each other for female attention - and we won't let females interfere with our friendship. It takes time but it is SO worth it. Just one red pilled friend and I can dominate most social situations. All three of us together and we are almost unstoppable - it's like we suck all of the female attention out of the room and into ourselves. It's super powerful. Build those friendships over the long haul gentlemen.

985 - [TheRedPill] Drake University Expels Male Student Despite Female Admitting She Forced Him Into Sex Act

[-] 7thAnvil 15 Points 2 years ago

The "why" is because there would be no case as far as the criminal justice system is concerned (due to lack of evidence). But the males still need to be punished per the leftist logic perpetuated by the Feminine Imperative. If you want to know how these banana republic-like university tribunals came to be, Google: Title 9, Obama's Secretary of Education, letter to universities on sexual assault, and preponderance of the evidence.

169 - [TheRedPill] [Another One Bites the Dust] Lindsey Vonn wants to start a family ... but can't "get a date." (She's 31)

[-] 7thAnvil 11 Points 2 years ago

Absolute first rate commentary. It should really be it's own post. Newly read pilled men, this is for you: One of the many corollaries of momosgarge's commentary is do NOT rely on online dating (or other social media) as your exclusive or even primary method to meet/game women. I speak from experience: Game is very difficult to communicate through photos and the written word. You just get lost in the barrage of validation fired at the girls online. Over the past week I approached and got numbers from two hot girls both over 15 years my junior. One has sent me hot photos and wants to get together soon. The other is excited to be invited to a small party I'm hosting this weekend. Over the same past week, I have messaged (through online dating apps) maybe 12 - 15 women close to my age or even a bit older. Women who undeniably would be salivating all over me if I were to game them in person. My result? Three messaged me back. Two quickly lost interest (i.e. got distracted by the endless possibilities hammering their inbox). Only 1 slightly cute woman gave me her number and 'plans' to meet up with me sometime this weekend. I postulate that once you have fully swallowed, internalized, and are living the Red Pill - one obvious sign will be the enormous gulf that opens up between the quality of females you can effectively game in person versus the quality of the ones you can attract through online dating/social media 'gaming'.

558 - [TheRedPill] Guy friends are for social and emotional support. Women are for fucking.

[-] 7thAnvil 10 Points 2 years ago

I respectfully encourage you to rethink this. I've had times in my life where I had very few close friends. I kept myself entertained, got pussy often enough, etc. Thought I was content. Even pre-RP I started to make more of an effort to develop male friendships. Post-RP, it seemed to be a necessity (that is, if you want anyone at all to give you support or at least bounce sensitive issues off of). Yes I'm extremely independent, don't like asking for help, yada yada yada. Through effort - lots of it over time - I have more first tier and second tier friends than I ever had. And you know what? It's not even debatable. My life is so much better with a circle of bros who have my back through thick and thin. I now appreciate my male friends so much I get more excited when I meet a prospective new friend than a ONS that I can turn into a plate. And this from a man whose sex drive is off the charts. Ted, you don't know what you're missing. Find new friends if none of your current friends are enjoyable to be around. But it takes effort and time.

959 - [TheRedPill] The Ansari story - Red Pill Edition

[-] 7thAnvil 10 Points about a year ago

Because that's what he wants/likes. If she doesn't she should tell him no/not allow him to do it. Problem solved. See how easy that was?

177 - [TheRedPill] Girl inadvertently lays out textbook CC desires in post

[-] 7thAnvil 9 Points about a year ago

I give her until her next ovulation.

786 - [TheRedPill] The Reddit Administration Recants

[-] 7thAnvil 7 Points 8 months ago

Which political party in 2018 would you say is most involved in censoring speech on the internet?

217 - [TheRedPill] Things are so out of hand right now...

[-] 7thAnvil 7 Points about a year ago

SB-1, I have no idea at all whether you have molested little kids or not. No idea whatsoever.

132 - [TheRedPill] Trump Shoves it to Globalists. But We Must Remain Focused.

[-] 7thAnvil 6 Points 2 years ago

Total BP pussy move to threaten to unsubscribe. If you're truly RP prove it by keeping your frame (not letting your emotions get the best of you) and take the disagreement like a man.

161 - [TheRedPill] You dont find the RedPill, the RedPill finds you ?

[-] 7thAnvil 6 Points about a year ago

Here's a thought: Discuss RP concepts without ever mentioning RP or tying to tie it all together as a 'world view.' Feel your friends out. If they are open to the concept of hypergamy (don't even use the term; just describe it at an oportune time) - then slowly go further. It's like gaming girls. Start slowly, escalate, and observe the response.

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