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324 - [TheRedPill] Moved to LTR’s country, got treated like shit. Now announced I’m going back home and she worships me.

[-] 0io- 76 Points about a month ago

Book of Pook is really good on this particular topic. Girls love the wild, untamed beast. The moment they think you're willing to live in their cage they lose interest in you completely.

324 - [TheRedPill] Moved to LTR’s country, got treated like shit. Now announced I’m going back home and she worships me.

[-] 0io- 52 Points about a month ago

If you think moving to be closer to a girl is bad, try getting married sometime...


"Oh? I own him now? Great!"

297 - [TheRedPill] Free Muffins!

[-] 0io- 37 Points 3 months ago

I just see so many guys getting all freaked out wondering what they did wrong because the muffin was there yesterday and now it's gone. Why won't it come back to me? Who's eating my muffin when I'm not here? It's amazing how strong the one-itis can be for a lot of dudes.

854 - [TheRedPill] "If you made more money, we would have more sex"

[-] 0io- 31 Points 3 years ago

Married guy here. OP. Run! Everyone is telling you the truth.

You have a face-saving move here. She tells you you don't make enough money for sex. You told her you need sex. Just tell her you thought about things and she's right and she will slow down your career right now. You don't feel good about having sex with her since she doesn't desire you and you're going to have sex with someone who does. Say that she'll probably make some rich guy very happy some day and you're sorry that it didn't work out.


You've already had the real honeymoon. You got all of the sex you are going to get from her for the rest of your life. Now she thinks she owns you and you're about to become the plow horse in the Manipulated Man, her Beta Bux.

Please read what people are telling you here.

When someone like this has shown you who she really is, believe her!

13 - [TheRedPill] I know this has been beaten to death, but PLEASE remember that AWALT

[-] 0io- 26 Points 3 years ago

Ugly don't worry about. Fat you can fix. Downlolad Stronglifts 5x5 and just go on a keto diet with natural foods. Come this Summer you won't be fat or ugly any more and you can buy some new clothes.

No soda. Soda is satan in a can for your SMV.

68 - [AskTRP] [Mod] What to do if you're approached by a reporter for an interview about The Red Pill

[-] 0io- 24 Points 2 years ago

If the reporter is hot, bang. If not, next, obviously.

297 - [TheRedPill] Free Muffins!

[-] 0io- 16 Points 3 months ago

Fair enough. If the muffin doesn't look and smell delicious you just have to leave it alone, Brother. It's certainly not without risks.... Good luck finding the bakery where everything is virgin and pure and untouched by human hands.

455 - [TheRedPill] Gillette advertisement on being better men.

[-] 0io- 10 Points 2 months ago

In the current system, a woman can shove, can throw things or can hit her boyfriend or husband in the face because she's annoyed with him. If he tries to defend himself he's the one who will go to jail in most jurisdictions. The nanny-state encourages bad and abusive behavior from women. No consequences!

415 - [TheRedPill] "What I've Learned About Dating In Silicon Valley" - female columnist has a meltdown after realizing she's surrounded by betas.

[-] 0io- 9 Points 3 years ago

One of the PUA guys has a maxim along the lines that "all jobs are exciting high-status jobs". So if you work on a help desk, it's "Have you heard of the internet? He's the man who makes that work."

Your post is spot on.

21 - [AskTRP] Asked a girl to hang out, she told me she "has standards". How do I get over feeling shitty about this lmao?

[-] 0io- 8 Points 3 years ago

Just laugh at it and move on. If you had to do it over, I would joke back at her and say "Me too! I'm so sick of all these girls who look hot and slutty and then turn out to be lousy in the sack. I doubt you could keep up with me." If she's saying it in a bratty flirty way it's just a standard shit test. If it was a cold rejection then hard next.

Hundreds of millions of beautiful girls in the world, and you are on to the next one.

If there's something she's good at that you are better at you could tease her about that, too. Challenge her to a game of darts or something.

Where you screwed up, imho, is letting her "rejection" get to you instead of laughing at it and pressure flipping. Tell her she's kind of a sloppy drunk and you doubt she can even win at pool if you spot her 4 balls or something. Make a silly bet with her or get her to jump through some silly hoop in a ridiculous funny challenge.

If you want to fuck a hot bratty girl with issues, you have to show that you are fun to be around and that you couldn't care less about the stupid things she says.

51 - [AskTRP] She introduced me to her family as "the guy who randomly decided to show up"

[-] 0io- 8 Points 3 years ago

Honestly, if it were me, I would listen to her story first. Maybe there is some crazy family stuff going on.

For example, maybe Grandpa is there and he's drunk and on some kind of crazy rant about Christianity and everybody who is not a member of the Church of XYZ is going straight to Hell. And Mom is crying and saying that she can promise that your gf is a member of the Church of XYZ and that she has never gone on a date with anyone, let alone anyone who is not from the Church of XYZ...

Basically it's bullshit, but if somebody tells me "hey, disappear for an hour, I can't talk now, you don't know me" I will be cool and then find out later WTF it was all about.

Maybe her big brother is there and high on crack and waving a gun around or something saying he is going to kill anybody who touches his little sister.

Maybe they have a giant surprise party but the stripper who jumps out of the cake hasn't arrived yet. Probably not, but at least find out what the story is before you insta-Next her.

68 - [AskTRP] [Mod] What to do if you're approached by a reporter for an interview about The Red Pill

[-] 0io- 7 Points 2 years ago

If the reporter wants to write negative stuff, they'll just find someone to say a bunch of garbage and then quote whatever sounds the most obnoxious. Since we don't have 'card carrying members' they can find anyone to pretend to be Red Pill for a twenty second soundbite.

4 - [TheRedPill] For '16, I'm going full circle

[-] 0io- 5 Points 3 years ago

Even if you find the perfect girl for you, you'll kill your long term relationship or marriage by acting beta all the time. It's a hardwired feature of women's brains.

Read over on the married red pill sub. Things will start off great, and in six months or a year she'll hate you and be miserable if you act too beta around her.

You might as well say "I hate bathing or brushing my teeth and I'm just going to sleep in the train station and never wash my clothes." Yes, plenty of men do this, but it's not attractive.

LTR is called "Red Pill on Hard Mode" for a reason. You have to maintain a baseline of alpha traits to sustain an LTR just the same way that you have to brush your teeth if you don't want them to rot out of your head.

134 - [TheRedPill] [FR] Everyone starts somewhere.

[-] 0io- 5 Points 3 years ago

A couple of tricks that will help you with white lies: When you walk into the bar tell the bartender that you're the designated driver for a group and ask for a club soda in whatever glass they serve Gin & Tonic in (or a martini glass, or whatever kind of bar you're in.) Many bars will actually give you free non-alcoholic drinks in this situation. Tip the bartender a couple of dollars per drink and he'll be totally on your side. If you do get a drink for a girl get your drink in the same glass as hers if you want.

You'll go much further in pickup stone cold sober and you can make a better decision about whether the HB8 is an 8 or a 6 through beer goggles.

Don't start drinking Coke or Ginger Ale or Juice, it will make you fat. This will also save you hundreds or thousands of dollars if you are going out to bars a lot.

3 - [AskTRP] I fucked my aunts niece last night(no blood relation). Yet still feeling heavy regret right now.

[-] 0io- 5 Points 2 years ago

Dude, stop worrying about it. Enjoy it for what it is.

Read Alan Carr's Easy way to Control Alcohol. Use condoms. No need to spend another moment worrying about it. Who cares what Auntie and Uncle think. Chalk it up to a good time and move on. You should probably have sex with her a few more times before you "break up" so she doesn't feel pumped and dumped.

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