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854 - [TheRedPill] "If you made more money, we would have more sex"

[-] 0io- 31 Points 3 years ago

Married guy here. OP. Run! Everyone is telling you the truth.

You have a face-saving move here. She tells you you don't make enough money for sex. You told her you need sex. Just tell her you thought about things and she's right and she will slow down your career right now. You don't feel good about having sex with her since she doesn't desire you and you're going to have sex with someone who does. Say that she'll probably make some rich guy very happy some day and you're sorry that it didn't work out.


You've already had the real honeymoon. You got all of the sex you are going to get from her for the rest of your life. Now she thinks she owns you and you're about to become the plow horse in the Manipulated Man, her Beta Bux.

Please read what people are telling you here.

When someone like this has shown you who she really is, believe her!

15 - [TheRedPill] How certain traits from the Big Five Personality paradigm may challenge how easily you ‘maintain frame’

[-] 0io- 4 Points about a month ago

Interesting article, but I think you can make the Red Pill work for you with any underlying personality type, it's just going to be more effort. All of the various personality traits got passed down through the generations because they are useful. The paranoid personality guy does really well in a war situation where there are booby traps everywhere. The shy cautious guy avoids walking into the enemy ambush and ends up mating with the girl over the next mountain range instead of getting stabbed with a spear. The shy reserved guy can appear cool and aloof and let the girls walk over to him to strike up a conversation if he plays it right. There's plenty of alpha chads getting laid with the cool artist or musician thing that are totally at odds with the Frat Bro extrovert personality. Gotta make the tool-kit work for you, instead of trying to change your personality to fit the tool-kit.

19 - [TheRedPill] Back from the Dead - Long Term Cancer Survivor

[-] 0io- 2 Points about a month ago

Thanks for your reply! Pregnenolne is precursor to a lot of other hormones you need behind the scenes, and my current thinking is that if you shut down your natural testosterone production by taking exogenous testosterone, you may inadvertently shut down production of pregnenolone as well. I hope that having it floating around will let it do its job if it needs to be there. Supposedly it's pretty active in the brain, and as far as I can tell it's not known to be particularly dangerous. I've only added it in recently so I can't really comment as to whether or not it's "doing anything" but I haven't noticed any bad side effects and my lifts are still going up. Sleep is good, feel better than I have in many many years.


664 - [TheRedPill] Year in Review, 9 months of TRP

[-] 0io- 1 Point 3 years ago

Awesome review. Very inspirational. Looks like the stronglifts 5x5 is working, too!

592 - [TheRedPill] Before and After: Examples Illustrate Two Years of TRP Transformation.

[-] 0io- 1 Point 3 years ago

Great report! Very inspirational. It's nice to read success stories in addition to all the disasters. You might x-post it to marriedredpill too since there are a lot of guys there who would appreciate it who might not read the main sub.

85 - [TheRedPill] The best place to learn about humanity's hidden nature is by watching documentaries.

[-] 0io- 1 Point about a month ago

Very interesting article. I think you're wrong about depression though. Depression is very adaptive in certain circumstances, think of it as the "go back to the cave" instinct. Suppose your tribe of 40 gets attacked by a tribe of 200 and is losing badly because you're outnumbered 5 to 1. Everybody in your tribe who is fighting to the last man gets killed. You say "Fuck this" and go hunker down somewhere sleeping all day long, only occasionally coming out to hunt something at night, not eating a whole lot, just doing minimal shit to stay alive. After five or six months of this if you're still alive you come out, the other tribe has moved on, everybody who knew you is dead, and you start all over again, end up breeding with some girl from some other tribe, and passing your depressive genes down for generations.

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