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332 - [TheRedPill] Moved to LTR’s country, got treated like shit. Now announced I’m going back home and she worships me.

[-] 0io- 81 Points 4 months ago

Book of Pook is really good on this particular topic. Girls love the wild, untamed beast. The moment they think you're willing to live in their cage they lose interest in you completely.

186 - [AskTRP] Saw a bro in the streets approaching girls today, feeling like shit

[-] 0io- 62 Points 2 months ago

According to Woody Allen (who historically banged a lot of hot women for a not-so-great looking guy), at least 50% of life is just showing up. The difference between you and the fat guy, is that he's actually out there doing it and you're talking about doing it.

Go out there and chat up some hot women, and try to get their numbers or get them to go somewhere with you. You don't need super powers, you just need to overcome your fear of rejection.

332 - [TheRedPill] Moved to LTR’s country, got treated like shit. Now announced I’m going back home and she worships me.

[-] 0io- 49 Points 4 months ago

If you think moving to be closer to a girl is bad, try getting married sometime...


"Oh? I own him now? Great!"

297 - [TheRedPill] Free Muffins!

[-] 0io- 37 Points 5 months ago

I just see so many guys getting all freaked out wondering what they did wrong because the muffin was there yesterday and now it's gone. Why won't it come back to me? Who's eating my muffin when I'm not here? It's amazing how strong the one-itis can be for a lot of dudes.

854 - [TheRedPill] "If you made more money, we would have more sex"

[-] 0io- 31 Points 3 years ago

Married guy here. OP. Run! Everyone is telling you the truth.

You have a face-saving move here. She tells you you don't make enough money for sex. You told her you need sex. Just tell her you thought about things and she's right and she will slow down your career right now. You don't feel good about having sex with her since she doesn't desire you and you're going to have sex with someone who does. Say that she'll probably make some rich guy very happy some day and you're sorry that it didn't work out.


You've already had the real honeymoon. You got all of the sex you are going to get from her for the rest of your life. Now she thinks she owns you and you're about to become the plow horse in the Manipulated Man, her Beta Bux.

Please read what people are telling you here.

When someone like this has shown you who she really is, believe her!

87 - [AskTRP] How does a young, inexperienced guy effectively absorb and utilize information on this sub without getting overwhelmed and overly analytical about every little thing.

[-] 0io- 31 Points 2 months ago

Don't over think things.

Approach a lot of girls. Ask them if they want to do something with you that you're going to do anyway. If they come along, try to escalate a little, hold hands, kiss, etc. If that's all going well you can just flat out ask if they want to come back to your room.

Don't be mad if they say no. Some of them will say yes.

13 - [TheRedPill] I know this has been beaten to death, but PLEASE remember that AWALT

[-] 0io- 26 Points 3 years ago

Ugly don't worry about. Fat you can fix. Downlolad Stronglifts 5x5 and just go on a keto diet with natural foods. Come this Summer you won't be fat or ugly any more and you can buy some new clothes.

No soda. Soda is satan in a can for your SMV.

87 - [AskTRP] How does a young, inexperienced guy effectively absorb and utilize information on this sub without getting overwhelmed and overly analytical about every little thing.

[-] 0io- 26 Points 2 months ago

Suppose a guy with awesome game has sex with 1/3 of the women he approaches. (not likely)

Suppose a guy with weak game has sex with 1/20 of the women he approaches.

If you're reading anything at all and making an effort, you should do better than the guy with weak game, especially if your appearance is good.

Now it just comes down to putting in the effort. Think of shooting free-throws in basketball. Nobody is scoring 100% of the time. Even somebody lousy can get the ball in the hoop once in a while.

Even a bad player who tries 100 times is going to get more free-throws in than a world-class athlete who only shoots 3 times.

You'll have a lot more sex and more girlfriends who make you happy if you do invest your time in approaching more girls rather than trying to go from OK-game to slightly-better-than-OK-game.

You'll get in better shape spending 2 hours a day on physical activity than spending 3 hours a day reading about optimal workout routines. You really just have to go out there and make it happen, and the more you do it the better you'll get.

56 - [AskTRP] You really can't make any mistakes with women when you're an average guy, can you?

[-] 0io- 26 Points 2 months ago

No mistakes here. You hit it and quit it. She got laid, which was what she wanted. You're not going to be her betabux (which is what you don't want anyway). It was your turn, I hope you enjoyed yourself.

Now she's on to the next ride on the carousel.

Your only mistake is in your head, that you're thinking of LTR with a 34 year old divorcee who is 7 years older than you. Have your fun with your cougar and let her go. There are plenty more where she came from, don't worry.

The difference between you and Chad is you're still thinking about her and analyzing the situation, and Chad kind of remembers that he hooked up with some divorced woman last week.

68 - [AskTRP] [Mod] What to do if you're approached by a reporter for an interview about The Red Pill

[-] 0io- 24 Points 2 years ago

If the reporter is hot, bang. If not, next, obviously.

7 - [AskTRP] How to respond when people apologize to you?

[-] 0io- 20 Points 2 months ago

In general, if they're apologizing the proper thing to do is forgive them and move on.

546 - [TheRedPill] Be a shitty alpha

[-] 0io- 17 Points 3 months ago

The perfect is the enemy of the good. If you're a fat fuck, you don't need a perfect diet and exercise plan, you just need a non-retarded diet and exercise plan and stick to that. Too many guys get bogged down in details, how do I respond to this or that, etc. Get the big things right and the major pieces in place. You'll be on the right path.

297 - [TheRedPill] Free Muffins!

[-] 0io- 16 Points 5 months ago

Fair enough. If the muffin doesn't look and smell delicious you just have to leave it alone, Brother. It's certainly not without risks.... Good luck finding the bakery where everything is virgin and pure and untouched by human hands.

11 - [AskTRP] Thought I was red pilled but just had my heart shattered, why did I get so invested?

[-] 0io- 14 Points 2 months ago

The standard player advice of "Go Fuck Ten Other Women" applies here. It's the only sure-fire known and proven cure for one-itis.

Usually if you play it cool and actually GFTOW like you're supposed to, she'll probably come back around again. If she does, don't fall in love with her again. It's your turn, now it's someone else's turn, that's how this works.

It's a cycle that repeats itself.


Edit: When you say you had plates on the go, are these women that you actually had sex with? Or are you counting women that you're attracted to but have not had sex with. Because if you're not having sex with them, they don't count as plates. The way you write it almost sounds like some girl you had a crush on went out and fucked Chad and now you're sad about it.

7 - [AskTRP] How to respond when people apologize to you?

[-] 0io- 14 Points 2 months ago

If it's a minor thing, like somebody bumped into you, just say "no problem".

If it's a serious thing, you could give a brief explanation of why it's a big deal.

"Please be careful around the radiation machine, because it costs $800 thousand dollars and if it gets out of calibration, it could cause someone to die from cancer. You shouldn't be leaning up against it."

"The gun in the drawer is loaded and you could blow your head off with it by waving it around like a toy."

For most minor things though, just accept their apology and move on.

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