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1166 - [TheRedPill] Rejection is better than Regret

[-] Spartan1590 7 Points about a year ago

Mindset my friend! Work hard and the right frame of mind will become your standard one.

695 - [TheRedPill] Hypergamy doesn't care - University edition

[-] Spartan1590 7 Points about a year ago

I've been helping a girl shed a few pounds and even though I know what will happen when she does, I insist on it. I've been admitting to myself that I like to do it for myself, rather than for her.

180 - [TheRedPill] Summary of Chapter 1 of Laws of Human Nature by Robert Greene - Master Your Emotional Self. The Law of Irrationality (Long Post + Video)

[-] Spartan1590 2 Points about a year ago

It's really fucking good, I had some doubts because it's been written and published during the current political climate, but Greene is still the same.

194 - [AskTRP] So she finally cheated [LTR]

[-] Spartan1590 11 Points about a year ago

Also, OP is thinking too much looking for a reason, but the real one is "she just felt like it", AWALT and all the stuff we preach everyday around here.

166 - [TheRedPill] Stop Worrying About Indicators of Interest

[-] Spartan1590 10 Points 12 months ago

Wonderful post, I fucked up a lay two days ago because I was trying to play it safe and waited for IOIs that never came, yet she was all for it and I chickened out. Don’t be like that, go until the end.

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