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343 - [TheRedPill] The sheer benefits of calling girls (any girl) you're trying to woo "Babe"

[-] Bone_Coat 77 Points about a year ago

you don't plate her to call her "babe", you call her "babe" to plate her ...

- I'm impressed

754 - [TheRedPill] One woman’s take on “nice guys”

[-] Bone_Coat 34 Points 8 months ago

exactly this, when a woman says she want roses an chocolates, she's not waiting for YOU to do it, she expects Chad or Tyrone to do it.

48 - [TheRedPill] No-Fap and Feminist talks about men's sexuality is actually gaslighting

[-] Bone_Coat 30 Points about a year ago

I agree with you on the feminism, but IMO maybe you are overexaggerating NoFap, that for me it's more spiritual and tuned towards TRP than to BP, to sum it up NoFap is about being in control (holding your frame some way) it doesn't establish that you can't /don't be sexual, it establish sexuality in a healthy way. If that's your vision about it, then it's ok, I won't try to convince you otherwise.

my view is: "Feminism, pornography and being Blue Pilled is toxic to men"

thanks for sharing your experience on that, Godspeed & blessings, man!

416 - [TheRedPill] Against all expectations, female mice were most likely to seek refuge from castrated males, being stressed by their presence

[-] Bone_Coat 20 Points 8 months ago

I remember watching a video on youtube (in spanish), it was form a woman that can canalize information from upper planes (akashic records), she said that when men watch porn or fap the aura that you expell is weird or pervy and because of that females were avoiding you, that if you want females to be more open to you , you needed to stop doing that. basically: you are what you "eat".

I believe there is a correlation between spiritual and biological components. just my two cents. feel free to call me crazy, I'm used to it

144 - [TheRedPill] What if social media is causing permanent mental retardation for those who grow up with it?

[-] Bone_Coat 19 Points about a year ago

I left FB and IG, I don't have SC it will be 3 months in a few days, I've never been this fucking happy before, I feel more in control and way less stupid-absorbed emotionally and outcome dependent and judgmental, I FEEL FREE.

I believe that social media , porn and feminism are tools to turn man into beta bitches cucks, and that's why the world looks upside down nowadays (imo) … you see every day those IG and SC thots publishing their patreons milking money from beta dudes, cam models and so on.. and as you say, women are embracing masculinity, and guys are turning more feminine... wait 10 years and humanity will be having sex with robots

155 - [TheRedPill] Alpha vs Beta sex: their evolutionary origins. A very disturbing theory.

[-] Bone_Coat 10 Points 9 months ago

Modern mens' efforts to "fix things at home", reach a blissful state of harmony with their wife etc etc, all stumble on this evolutionary past of the female. If she gets too comfortable, it feels like being in-band. It feels... incestuous.

The all-powerfull female xenophilia and the alure of the "mysterious" man, female orgasm during rape (extimated at around 50% of the cases), the disturbing 1982 "study of American students [which] found that girls who were exposed to an attempt at date rape were three times more likely to resume their relationship with the man concerned if his attempt succeeded than if it failed.... If the man succeeded in forcing intercourse, nearly half (40 per cent) later resumed their relationship with him... If he failed, then nearly nine out of every ten of the women (87 per cent) refused to have any more to do with him..." (from R. Baker's Sperm Wars)

don't get too comfy (in-ban,blue pilled etc.), be powerful, dominant, mysterious, escalate,DGAF, hack the vagina-brain & fuck bitches.

this post is eye opening, mostly about the hamster-ing of a ONS that women call it was rape at the end.

This raised a new scenario, of an encounter with a foreign male that did not result in capture, but just sex. The woman returned to her natal community, where she ran the risk that her adultery had been witnessed or is detected. What then? ... The woman therefore pretends, very plausibly, that she was not having extra-pair sex, but was being attacked by a man and managed to thwart abduction.

542 - [TheRedPill] [FR] She was in my bed within 60 minutes

[-] Bone_Coat 9 Points about a year ago

OP, once I saw an experiment done on girls, long story short, a man that can play some instrument is much more attractive, he doesn't even have to know how to play it, just by having a guitar or something by his side will do the trick.


144 - [TheRedPill] What if social media is causing permanent mental retardation for those who grow up with it?

[-] Bone_Coat 3 Points about a year ago

they were hard, I was on a loop of dependence for a past relationship on my full beta state, but I told myself "fuck you, you do this every time, and how did it worked for you? only more dependence and sadness, its time to fight what's been keeping you captive from you true self".. IG was the hardest because all the bitches showing their bodies, you know.. but somehow I overcame that shit once I understood it's true meaning

  1. started noFap
  2. visit FB only once a month just to catch up (10 minutes)
  3. hitting the gym
  4. loving myself and being alpha
  5. started reading books on self love and transformation process
  6. talking to more girls - fighting past trauma
  7. understanding people have different processes and time of "waking up"
  8. being humble enough to recognize I have a lot of learning ahead.
  9. learn to spend time with myself
  10. "shit will be hard but life will be harder if you don't catch up"

1 - [AskTRP] Mate's friend with benefits & me

[-] Bone_Coat 3 Points about a year ago

lets be honest, she wont tell him and neither do you..

239 - [TheRedPill] How I made my LTR a nympho in 7 days.

[-] Bone_Coat 2 Points 9 months ago

it's called coditionated reflex

0 - [TheRedPill] Nuclear Level Shittest from OLTR Candidate - She Slept with Her ex-FB

[-] Bone_Coat 2 Points about a year ago

I understand OP, also, I understand what is wrong here... only time will tell

but let me say (IMO), open relationship is one thing and LTR is another one, there's no such thing as an OLTR

343 - [TheRedPill] The sheer benefits of calling girls (any girl) you're trying to woo "Babe"

[-] Bone_Coat 1 Point about a year ago

"Ok babe, no problem"

547 - [TheRedPill] How beta can you be, you ask? A man marries his lesbian "best friend" in hopes of eventually getting with her. After waiting for 22 years he realizes it's not happening so he decides to become a transgender lesbian to win her affections. She wants a divorce.

[-] Bone_Coat 1 Point about a year ago

"uniqueitis" I call it

138 - [TheRedPill] My contract with the company I was collaborating just ended, aka, I was fired. What that make me realize.

[-] Bone_Coat 1 Point 10 months ago

just got off the phone with the CEO of the company that I rejected in order to stay in this place. He wants me to go over there tomorrow to sign the papers and he gave me the same offer


edit: I need to save this post as a reminder to my future self, start a biz and doing a 9-5 job just bc I can

49 - [TheRedPill] You May Think You Have Swallowed the Pill, but Have You? Or: How I Finally Swallowed the Pill after Seven Years: Part 2

[-] Bone_Coat 1 Point about a year ago

hmm.. now I understand, I can tell this will be a long story

unconsciously I am some times alpha and some times beta, we just need awareness in order to not fucking up (that's why i'm here)

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